MClasses1-3: abstract interface classes


The three examples show the use of ‘M’ (abstract interface) classes, the only type of multiple inheritance used on the Symbian platform.

They show how interfaces can be used to define a protocol. The interface is implemented by a protocol provider, and called by a protocol user. The user is not supposed to know anything about the provider's implementation, only about the protocol it's interested in.


Click on the following links to download the examples:

Click on the following link to download additional files: .

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The examples each include the two project files needed for building: bld.inf and the .mmp file.

The Symbian platform build process describes how to build these applications. They result in executables called:

\epoc32\release\<target>\<urel or udeb>\MCLASSES1.EXE .

\epoc32\release\<target>\<urel or udeb>\MCLASSES2.EXE .

\epoc32\release\<target>\<urel or udeb>\MCLASSES3.EXE .


Run the executables MCLASSES1.EXE , MCLASSES2.EXE and MCLASSES3.EXE .

Executables for the emulator targets wins and winscw can be run on your PC. Executables for ARM targets must be copied to your target platform before being run.