mpresencebuddyinfo2.h File Reference

const TLitC< sizeof(L"statustext")/2 > KStatusMessage

const TLitC < sizeof(L"statustext")/2 > KStatusMessage [static]

Field type for "status message" field.

Status message field contains user written free text, describing for example his/hers current presence status. Status message is in unicode format.

const TLitC< sizeof(L"avatar")/2 > KAvatar

const TLitC < sizeof(L"avatar")/2 > KAvatar [static]

Field type for "avatar" field.

Avatar field contains user selected image. Image may be an avatar describing the user or it may be image showing user current presence status.

Image is in JPEG or similar format, for what there exists image codes in the platform. Field contains image binary content and MIME string describing the content format.

const TLitC< sizeof(L"availabilitytext")/2 > KAvailability

const TLitC < sizeof(L"availabilitytext")/2 > KAvailability [static]

Field type for "availability-text" field.

Availability text field describes presentity's communication availability as text. This is useful in case of brande presence availability, since any text value is possible.

Field storage format: MPresenceInfoFieldValueText

const TLitC< sizeof(L"ServiceBrandingID")/2 > KServiceIconBrand

const TLitC < sizeof(L"ServiceBrandingID")/2 > KServiceIconBrand [static]

Field type for "serviceiconbrandid-text" field.

Service icon brand ID text field identifies the service brand which the current presence information is from. Brand information can be used with BrandingServer to fetch branded content to UI.

Field storage format: 8bit descriptor

const TLitC< sizeof(L"ServiceIconEntryID")/2 > KServiceIconId

const TLitC < sizeof(L"ServiceIconEntryID")/2 > KServiceIconId [static]

Field type for "serviceiconentryid-text" field.

Service icon entry ID text field identifies the icon which represents the current presence service. Icon id can be used with branding information to fetch the actual image from BrandingServer.

Field storage format: 8bit descriptor

const TLitC< sizeof(L"TimeStamp")/2 > KTimeStamp

const TLitC < sizeof(L"TimeStamp")/2 > KTimeStamp [static]

Field type for "timestamp" field.

TimeStamp field represents the time when the presence information was last updated. Client can show the TimeStamp on the UI or omit old presence information completely.

Field storage format: TPckg<TTime>

Write example: TTime time; time.HomeTime(); TPckg<TTime> timePck( time ); aBuddyInfo.SetAnyFieldL( KTimeStamp, timePck );

Read example: TTime time; TPckg<TTime> timePck( time ); timePck.Copy( aBuddyInfo.GetAnyField( KTimeStamp ) );

const TLitC< sizeof(L"expiry")/2 > KExpiry

const TLitC < sizeof(L"expiry")/2 > KExpiry [static]

Field type for "expiry" field.

Expiry field represents the time (microseconds) how long buddy information is valid with out new buddy info write events. See If Buddy information is not updated in expiry time then buddy information is removed automatilly from presence cache.

Field storage format: TPckg<TInt64>

Write example: TInt64 expiry([EXPIRY_TIME]); TPckg<TInt64> expiryPck( expiry ); aBuddyInfo.SetAnyFieldL( NPresenceCacheFieldName::KExpiry, expiryPck );

Read example: TInt64 expiry; TPckg<TInt64> expiryPck( expiry ); expiryPck.Copy( aBuddyInfo.GetAnyField( NPresenceCacheFieldName::KExpiry ) );