MDelayedOpsManager Class Reference

class MDelayedOpsManager

The interface to the delayed operations manager implementation. Plugins must talk to the manager only through this interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MDelayedOpsManager ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Functions Documentation

DequeueOp(const CDelayedOp &)

void DequeueOp ( const CDelayedOp & aOp ) [pure virtual]


const CDelayedOp & aOp the caller must delete the operation

EnqueueOpL(CDelayedOp *)

void EnqueueOpL ( CDelayedOp * aOp ) [pure virtual]


CDelayedOp * aOp ownership is transferred

Extension1(TUint, TAny *&, TAny *)

TInt Extension1 ( TUint aExtensionId,
TAny *& a0,
TAny * a1
) [pure virtual]

API for future extensions.


TUint aExtensionId
TAny *& a0
TAny * a1