EmailInterface::MMailboxData Class Reference

class EmailInterface::MMailboxData

Container interface for mailbox related info

Member Functions Documentation


const TDesC & BrandingIcon ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for mailbox branding icon specifier


TBool IsOutboxEmpty ( ) const [pure virtual]

Is mailbox's outbox empty or not


const RPointerArray < MMessageData > & LatestMessagesL ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for mailbox's messages. If there are more messages in the array than fits the widget, only the newest will be published. Assumption: array must be ordered based on timestamp (i.e. newest in index 0) Assumption: plugin does not have to upkeep more than 2 latest messages


MEmailLaunchParameters & LaunchParameters ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for launching parameters These parameters specify what application is launched when widget is pressed


TUint MailboxId ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for mailbox id


TInt MessageCount ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for total count of messages in inbox


const TDesC & Name ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for mailbox name


TBool Unseen ( ) const [pure virtual]

Accessor for seen/unseen status i.e. whether user has been to inbox after last message has been received