MVPbkContactDuplicatePolicy Class Reference

class MVPbkContactDuplicatePolicy

Virtual Phonebook interface for duplicate contact find policy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MVPbkContactDuplicatePolicy ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


TAny * ContactDuplicatePolicyExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.



FindDuplicatesL(const MVPbkBaseContact &, MVPbkContactStore &, RPointerArray< MVPbkStoreContact > &, MVPbkContactFindObserver &, TInt)

MVPbkContactOperationBase * FindDuplicatesL ( const MVPbkBaseContact & aContact,
MVPbkContactStore & aTargetStore,
RPointerArray < MVPbkStoreContact > & aDuplicates,
MVPbkContactFindObserver & aObserver,
TInt aMaxDuplicatesToFind
) [pure virtual]

Starts asynchronous duplicate find.


const MVPbkBaseContact & aContact The contact whose duplicates are searched for.
MVPbkContactStore & aTargetStore The target store for duplicate find.
RPointerArray < MVPbkStoreContact > & aDuplicates An array that contains the duplicate contacts after operation is ready.
MVPbkContactFindObserver & aObserver The observer that is called after find is done.
TInt aMaxDuplicatesToFind The limit of the contacts that are in a worst case returned as a result. Usually 1 is enough.