Sound Device Collection Overview

The Sound Device collection provides a common interface for all audio functionality.


The Sound Device collection represents a framework for hardware accelerated access to audio functionality on the Symbian platform.

Architectural relationship

The Sound Device collection interacts with audio plug-ins and audio processing hardware.


The Sound Device collection includes a client API for audio and a plug-in interface, where plug-ins correspond to a particular accelerated function, such as MP3 decoding.


The Sound Device collection comprises the following components:

  • DevSound API - the common API for all audio functionality.

  • Advanced Audio Adaptation Framework (A3F) - an alternative implementation of DevSound.

  • DevSound Plug-in Support - provides support for loading plug-in implementations.

  • Reference DevSound Plug-ins - provides a DevSound reference implementation.

Using Sound Device

The Sound Device collection offers the following functionality:

  • Playing and recording audio data.

  • Loading audio plug-ins.

  • Implementing a DevSound.