MCalProgressCallBack Class Reference

class MCalProgressCallBack

A call back class to show the progress of long-running operations.

When a long-running operation is carried out on the instance view or the entry view, this class is used to signal its progress, and when the function is complete.

Public Member Functions
void Completed ( TInt )
TBool NotifyProgress ()
void Progress ( TInt )

Member Functions Documentation


void Completed ( TInt aError ) [pure virtual]

Progress callback.

This calls the observing class when the current operation is finished.


TInt aError The error if the operation failed, or KErrNone if successful.


TBool NotifyProgress ( ) [pure virtual]

Asks the observing class whether progress callbacks are required. This is called once only to check if callbacks are enabled.


void Progress ( TInt aPercentageCompleted ) [pure virtual]

Progress callback.

This calls the observing class with the percentage complete of the current operation.


TInt aPercentageCompleted The percentage complete.