The TextMTM is an example MTM project, which shows many aspects of dealing with the Messaging APIs. Developers can use it as a basis for experimenting with the MTM architecture, and for studying the MTM interfaces.

Rather than implementing a real message transport protocol, the TextMTM simulates this by treating the local file system as a remote mail server. The TextMTM allows a user to create a service representing a folder in the file system. The service then contains entries for each folder and file under that folder, so functioning as a mirror of the folder contents.

The UI MTM component allows users to get messages from the "remote" server, to edit the contents of a text message, and to copy messages back to a TextMTM service. Moving and deleting messages is also allowed.


Click on the following link to download the example:

TextMTM projects

The TextMTM is made up of a number of components, and so the source has a number of projects.

The following project is a utility project, used for deploying the MTM.




Utility application for MTM installation

The following projects supply the source for the MTM.




Client-side MTM implementation. This defines the methods required for a CBaseMtm -derived class. It is instantiated by a client application to perform MTM-specific tasks.


UI Data MTM implementation. This presents the messaging application with useful information, without the need for actually fully loading all the DLLs necessary to handle text messages.


Server-side MTM implementation. This provides all the functionality to handle messages on the server side, and supports moving, copying, deleting, and creating of entries.


User Interface MTM implementation. This is loaded when the user decides to actually perform some MTM-specific task, such as editing a message.


A small utilities DLL where code resides that has to be shared between the MTM implementations.