MPbk2Command Class Reference

class MPbk2Command

Phonebook 2 command object interface.

Every Phonebook 2 command must implement this interface. Phonebook 2 command handler can then create these command objects and execute them. Commands can report about their execution via MPbk2CommandObserver interface. Commands can also control the UI behaviour via MPbk2ContactUiControl interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2Command ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

AddObserver(MPbk2CommandObserver &)

void AddObserver ( MPbk2CommandObserver & aObserver ) [pure virtual]

Adds a command observer for this command.


MPbk2CommandObserver & aObserver Command observer to add.


TAny * CommandExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.




void ExecuteLD ( ) [pure virtual]

Executes the command and destroys this command object when done. The command is also destroyed if this function leaves.

ResetUiControl(MPbk2ContactUiControl &)

void ResetUiControl ( MPbk2ContactUiControl & aUiControl ) [pure virtual]

Removes UI control reference from the command. After this call the command cannot reference the UI control.


MPbk2ContactUiControl & aUiControl UI control whose reference is removed.