CCalInstanceView::TCalSearchParams Class Reference

class CCalInstanceView::TCalSearchParams

Parameter struct for storing search data. This contains a descriptor to store search text and an enum to describe the text search behaviour.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCalSearchParams(const TDesC &, CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour)

IMPORT_C TCalSearchParams ( const TDesC & aText,
CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour aBehaviour


const TDesC & aText
CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour aBehaviour

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour Behaviour ( ) const


IMPORT_C const TDesC & Text ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour iSearchBehaviour

CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour iSearchBehaviour [private]

TPtrC iSearchText

TPtrC iSearchText [private]