Camera Plug-in Overview

This document introduces you to the Camera Plug-in component overview.


The Camera Plug-in component provides an actual implementation for the Camera Framework component.

Required background

The Camera Plug-in component is implemented with the support of EcamPluginSupport.dll . It is expected that device creators can replace their own Camera Plug-in implementation.


The Camera Plug-in component interacts with the Camera Framework component.

The architectural relationship between Camera Plug-in and Camera Framework is shown below:

Figure 1. Camera Plug-in Component Architecture


The Camera Plug-in component consists of the following library:

API Description


The Camera Stub Plug-in library is used to support the EcamPluginSupport.dll which is in the Camera Framework component.

Typical uses

Camera Plug-in is used as a symbian support implementation for the Camera Framework Ecom plug-ins.