Modifying the SNAP Preference

This tutorial explains how to modify the existing SNAP preference used by an email account.


  1. Create an instance of the CEmailAccounts class.

  2. Create an instance of the CImIAPPreferences class to be used by the email service.

  3. Create an instance of the CIm<protocol>Settings class.

    Where, <protocol> is either Imap4, Pop3, or Smtp.

  4. Populate the CImIAPPreferences class and the CIm<protocol>Settings class from central repository (CenRep) using CEmailAccounts ::Load<protocol>SettingsL function.

  5. Use the CImIAPPreferences::SetSnap() function to specify the SNAP to be used for connections.

  6. Store the updated settings classes to CenRep using the CEmailAccounts ::Save<protocol>SettingsL function.

Note: All instances of <protocol> in the preceding steps are either Imap4 , Pop3 , or Smtp .