How to Open a Port with the IrDA Protocol Module: Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to load the Infrared Serial Protocol Module and open a serial port.

  1. Call RCommServ::Connect() to create a session with the Serial communications Server.

  2. Call RCommServ::LoadCommModule() with the aFileName parameter set to ircomm . ircomm.csy is the name of the DLL file for the Serial Protocol Module. The extension .csy is optional for the LoadCommModule() API.

  3. Call RComm::Open() with the aName parameter set to IrComm::0 .

    It is not recommended to change the default settings for the Infrared serial ports.


       RCommServ server; 
server.Connect ();
server.LoadCommModule (_L ("IRCOMM"));
RComm commPort;
commPort.Open (server, _L ("IrCOMM::0"), ECommExclusive);
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