CWeekDayArray Class Reference

class CWeekDayArray : public CBase

Defines an array of the days in the week on which a 'weekly' or 'monthly by position' repeat event occurs.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C CWeekDayArray ( )

Constructs an array of the days in the week.


IMPORT_C ~CWeekDayArray ( )

Frees all resources owned by the object, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &)

IMPORT_C void ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & aStream )

Externalises the array of days in the week to a write stream.

Writes the first two characters of each day name, for instance "MO TU WE".

The presence of this function means that the standard templated operator<<() (defined in s32strm.h) is available to externalise objects of this class.


RWriteStream & aStream Stream to which the array is to be externalised.

Member Data Documentation

CArrayFix< TDay > * iArray

CArrayFix < TDay > * iArray

The array of days in the week.