RPbkViewResourceFile Class Reference

class RPbkViewResourceFile

Helper class for loading the PbkView DLL resource file.

Public Member Functions
RPbkViewResourceFile ( CCoeEnv &)
IMPORT_C void Close ()
IMPORT_C TBool IsOpen ()
IMPORT_C void OpenL ()
Private Attributes
RConeResourceLoader iLoader
TBool iOpen

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RPbkViewResourceFile(CCoeEnv &)

IMPORT_C RPbkViewResourceFile ( CCoeEnv & aEnv )



CCoeEnv & aEnv CONE environment where to load the resource file.

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C void Close ( )

Closes the PbkView dll resource file. You must always remember to close the resource file when finished using it.


IMPORT_C TBool IsOpen ( ) const

Returns ETrue if the resource file is open.


IMPORT_C void OpenL ( )

Opens the PbkView dll resource file for use. Leaves if the resource file is already open.

Member Data Documentation

RConeResourceLoader iLoader

RConeResourceLoader iLoader [private]

TBool iOpen

TBool iOpen [private]