MVPbkOperationErrorObserver Class Reference

class MVPbkOperationErrorObserver

An observer for asynchronous operations to receive error notifications when an operation fails.

Public Member Functions
void VPbkOperationFailed ( MVPbkContactOperationBase *, TInt )
Protected Member Functions
~MVPbkOperationErrorObserver ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MVPbkOperationErrorObserver ( ) [protected, inline]

Member Functions Documentation

VPbkOperationFailed(MVPbkContactOperationBase *, TInt)

void VPbkOperationFailed ( MVPbkContactOperationBase * aOperation,
TInt aError
) [pure virtual]

An error occured in the operation that was requested.


MVPbkContactOperationBase * aOperation operation handle
TInt aError Operation error code.