MContactDbObserver Class Reference

class MContactDbObserver

The interface for an observer that handles changes to a contact database.

It specifies a single pure virtual function which should be implemented by the observer class to test the type of the change event (see the TContactDbObserverEventType enum) and handle it.

There is no need for the observer class to explicitly test for all possible event types - the event is for information only and event types which are of no interest to the observer class can safely be ignored.

The change event type (TContactDbObserverEventType) may be augmented in future releases with additional values.

A contact database observer pointer is passed to the NewL() function for the CContactChangeNotifier class.

Public Member Functions
void HandleDatabaseEventL ( TContactDbObserverEvent )

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void HandleDatabaseEventL ( TContactDbObserverEvent aEvent ) [pure virtual]

Tests the contact database observer event type and handles it. The ID of a contact affected by the change event, if relevant, can be retrieved via TContactDbObserverEvent::iContactId .


TContactDbObserverEvent aEvent Provides information about the change event.