JPEG Exif Plug-in Library Overview

This document introduces you to the JPEG Exif Plug-in library. It is intended for application developers and device creators who are interested in accessing Exif metadata in JPEG and TIFF images.


JPEG Exif Plug-in provides a simplified mechanism for accessing the Exif metadata tags in JPEG images.

JPEG Exif Plug-in Library Details

The DLL that provides the functionality and the library to which your code must link is identified below.

DLL LIB Short Description



A simplified mechanism for accessing the Exif metadata.

Architectural Relationship

JPEG Exif Plug-in is a member of the Imaging Framework component. It is used by several image framework libraries, including:


JPEG Exif Plug-in provides access to metadata in JPEG images. The complete list is available from the Exif web site .

Key JPEG Exif Plug-in Classes

JPEG Exif Plug-in allows you to read Exif metadata tags from and write to JPEG images.

  • TExifReaderUtility reads several pre-defined tags from a JPEG image.

  • TExifWriterUtility writes several pre-defined tags to a JPEG image.

Using JPEG Exif Plug-in

JPEG Exif Plug-in is used for:

  • Reading Exif metadata from JPEG images with the pre-defined Exif tag getter functions.

  • Writing Exif Metadata tags to JPEG images with the pre-defined Exif tag setter functions.