MSearchQueryObserver Class Reference

class MSearchQueryObserver

This class is used to notify search progress to user. Users of MSearchClientSession must implement this interface to be able to monitor the search progress. This class is used to notify search progress to user. searchclient.lib

Member Functions Documentation


TAny * QueryObserverExtensionL ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns the extension for this interface. If no extension is available, return NULL.



SearchCompletedL(TInt, TInt)

void SearchCompletedL ( TInt aSearchResult,
TInt aNumberOfFoundDocuments
) [pure virtual]

This function is called when the search has been completed.


TInt aSearchResult
TInt aNumberOfFoundDocuments


void SearchPartiallyCompletedL ( TUid aPluginId ) [pure virtual]


TUid aPluginId

UpdateSearchProgressL(RPointerArray< CSearchLightResult > &, TInt, TInt)

void UpdateSearchProgressL ( RPointerArray < CSearchLightResult > & aResultArray,
TInt aCurrentProgressValue,
TInt aTotalProgressValue
) [pure virtual]

This function is called when framework notifies about the search progress. The user of CSearchClientSession can define the time how often this will be called when requesting for search.


RPointerArray < CSearchLightResult > & aResultArray
TInt aCurrentProgressValue - The current progress of the search process.
TInt aTotalProgressValue - Final progress value of the search process.