MSearchPluginObserver Class Reference

class MSearchPluginObserver

Observer class for the search plug-ins.

Member Functions Documentation

ResultFoundL(CSearchLightResult *, TInt, TInt)

void ResultFoundL ( CSearchLightResult * aResult,
TInt aCurrentDocument,
TInt aTotalDocuments
) [pure virtual]

Called when a is result is found.


CSearchLightResult * aResult Pointer to the found result. Ownership is transferred.
TInt aCurrentDocument The index of document that is currently being searched.
TInt aTotalDocuments The total count of documents to be searched (from all content).

ResultsRetrieveCompleteL(RPointerArray< CSearchResult > &)

void ResultsRetrieveCompleteL ( RPointerArray < CSearchResult > & aResultArray ) [pure virtual]

Called when operation is complete.


RPointerArray < CSearchResult > & aResultArray The results returned by the operation. Ownership of the items is transferred to the caller.

SearchCompletedL(TInt, TInt)

void SearchCompletedL ( TInt aSearchResult,
TInt aTotalNumberOfResults
) [pure virtual]

Called when the plug-in has completed the search process.


TInt aSearchResult Result of the search. KErrNone of OK, otherwise an error code.
TInt aTotalNumberOfResults The number of total search results.


void SearchPluginCompletedL ( TUid aUid ) [pure virtual]


TUid aUid


TAny * SearchPluginObserverExtensionL ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns the extension for this interface. If no extension is available, return NULL.