MCalFileChangeObserver Class Reference

class MCalFileChangeObserver

The mixin/interface class used for recieving calendar file change notifications.

The call back returns an array containing information about at least one change to the calendar file. The information includes the file name and type of change.

A client will not be notified of a change if it has register with the CCalSession .

Member Functions Documentation

CalendarInfoChangeNotificationL(RPointerArray< CCalFileChangeInfo > &)

void CalendarInfoChangeNotificationL ( RPointerArray < CCalFileChangeInfo > & aCalendarInfoChangeEntries ) [pure virtual]

The callback that will recieve 1 or more file change notifications


RPointerArray < CCalFileChangeInfo > & aCalendarInfoChangeEntries

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TChangeType

An enum to describe the types of file changes that may occur



A calendar file has been created


A calendar file has been deleted


Calendar info has been set on a calendar file


A calendar file had its calendar info updated


Calendar info has been deleted on a calendar file