Phone Identification Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to retrieve the phone identification parameters from the device.

The phone idenitifcation is returned in a packaged CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1 . It contains the following member variables, each a TBuf descriptor of up to 50 characters:

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Serial Number , the IMEI or ESN serial number. It identifies the phone, not the subscriber using the phone.

  1. create an instance of CTelephony with an active object

  2. set the active object with SetActive() function

  3. use CTelephony::GetPhoneId() to get the phone identification parameters use CTelephony::EGetPhoneIdCancel to cancel the asynchronous call.

Phone Identification example

       #include <e32base.h>
#include <Etel3rdParty.h>

class CClientApp : public CActive

   CTelephony* iTelephony;
   CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1 iPhoneIdV1;
   CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1Pckg iPhoneIdV1Pckg;

    CClientApp(CTelephony* aTelephony);
    void SomeFunction();

       These are the pure virtual methods from CActive that  
       MUST be implemented by all active objects
    void RunL();
    void DoCancel();

CClientApp::CClientApp(CTelephony* aTelephony)
    : CActive(EPriorityStandard),
    //default constructor

void CClientApp::SomeFunction()
    iTelephony->GetPhoneId(iStatus, iPhoneIdV1Pckg);

void CClientApp::RunL()
       TBuf<CTelephony::KPhoneManufacturerIdSize> manufacturer = iPhoneIdV1.iManufacturer;
       TBuf<CTelephony::KPhoneModelIdSize> model = iPhoneIdV1.iModel;
       TBuf<CTelephony::KPhoneSerialNumberSize> serialNumber = iPhoneIdV1.iSerialNumber;

void CClientApp::DoCancel()