CParserPropertyValueCDesCArray Class Reference

class CParserPropertyValueCDesCArray : public CParserPropertyValue

A property value parser which stores an array of descriptors.

Can be used by both vCards and vCalendars, for example to store a postal address or information about an organisation.

The UID for a descriptor array property value is KVersitPropertyCDesCArrayUid.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CParserPropertyValueCDesCArray(CDesCArray *)

IMPORT_C CParserPropertyValueCDesCArray ( CDesCArray * aValue )

Constructs a new descriptor array property value with the array pointed to by aValue.

Sets the property value's UID to KVersitPropertyCDesCArrayUid.

The property value takes ownership of aValue.

Called by CVersitParser::MakePropertyValueL() when internalising from a stream.


CDesCArray * aValue Pointer to the descriptor array.


IMPORT_C ~CParserPropertyValueCDesCArray ( )

Frees all resources owned by the property value array, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt)

IMPORT_C void ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & aStream,
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset,
TInt aLengthOutput
) [virtual]

Externalizes the descriptor array property value into aStream.

Uses the character set and encoding format specified in aEncodingCharset.

Called by CParserProperty::ExternalizeL() .


RWriteStream & aStream Stream into which the value is to be externalised.
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset Specifies the character set and encoding information.
TInt aLengthOutput The amount of text that has been output so far on the line (for the property name), which needs to be taken into account when calculating if and where any line break should occur.


IMPORT_C TBool IsAsciiCharacterSetSufficient ( ) [virtual]

Tests whether the property value can be represented using the ASCII character set.

Tests every item in the array and returns ETrue only if all items contain only 7-bit characters.


IsPresent(const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C TBool IsPresent ( const TDesC & aValue ) const

Tests whether a specified value is present in the array of descriptors owned by the property value object.

Not used internally.


const TDesC & aValue The value of interest.


CDesCArray * Value ( ) const [inline]

Gets the property value.

Member Data Documentation

CDesCArray * iValue

CDesCArray * iValue [protected]