Calendar User

CCalUser represents a calendar user, such as a meeting participant. The class provides attributes and methods that are common to all the calendar users, including the user’s email address, sent-by and common name fields.

You can construct a new calendar user with a specified email address, and optionally a sender, using the factory function CCalUser::NewL() .


An attendee is a specialised calendar user used for attendees of an event. It is used only in group scheduled entries, and not for a single calendar user. The CCalAttendee class, derived from CCalUser , provides additional methods to store and retrieve an attendee's ROLE, PART-STAT, and RSVP fields.

       //Create an attendee
_LIT(KAttendee1Address, "");
CCalAttendee* attendee1 = CCalAttendee::NewL(KAttendee1Address);
_LIT(KAttendee1CommonName, "Tom");
attendee1->SetCommonNameL(KAttendee1CommonName);//set common name to Tom
attendee1->SetRoleL(CCalAttendee::EReqParticipant);// set the role of the attendee, other roles Chair and Optional participant
attendee1->SetStatusL(CCalAttendee::EAccepted);// set the status value
       // setup the entry
entry->CCalEntry::NewL(CCalEntry::EAppt, guid, CCalEntry::EMethodNone, 0);
entry->AddAttendeeL(attendee1);//add the attendee to the entry

You can get a list of attendees using CCalEntry::AttendeesL() , and delete a specified attendee using CCalEntry::DeleteAttendeeL() .

Organizer and phone owner

An entry can optionally have one phone owner and one organizer, both of which are of class CCalUser . The organizer may or may not be an attendee of that entry, but the phone owner must be an attendee. An organizer is a required property for a group scheduled entry.

       //Set up the Organizer 
_LIT(KOrganizerAddress1, ""); 
CCalUser* organiser1 = CCalUser::NewL(KOrganizerAddress1, KOrganizerSentByA); 
entry->SetOrganizerL(organiser1); //set the organizer for the event
_LIT(KOrganiserCommonName, "Harry"); 
organiser1->SetCommonNameL(KOrganizerCommonName); //set the  common name to Harry
       //Set up the Phone owner for the calendar entry 
_LIT(KPhoneOwnerAddress1, ""); 
CCalUser* phOwner1 = CCalUser::NewL(KPhoneOwnerAddress1, KOrganizerSentByB); 
_LIT(KPhOwnerCommonName, "Dick"); 
organiser1->SetCommonNameL(KPhOwnerCommonName);//set the common name to Dick