CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult Class Reference

class CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult : public CBase

Results are returned through this interface. Results ownership is always transfered to the client so it must take care of deleting them.

S60 3.1

Inherits from

  • CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult

Member Functions Documentation


void Complete ( ) [pure virtual]

Sets result as complete.

This means that result now contains all possible fields and no more fields can be retrieved.


CContactItem & ContactItem ( ) [pure virtual]

Returns contact item.


const TDesC & ExtraProtocolData ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns extra protocol data need for mapping contact item to protocol level entries.


TBool IsComplete ( ) const [pure virtual]

Is the search result complete or do we need a second phase?