Network Dialog API

This topic describes the Agent Dialog Server component which includes the Network Dialog API. The connection agent dialog server allows the user to set up an Internet connection using the connection agent and its extensions.

The dialog server functionality is as follows:

  • Connection dialog - allows the user to select the service, modem, location and chargecard to be used at connection time.

  • Warn of a new connection dialog - warns the user that a previous connection failed and a new connection is attempted.

  • Login and authentication dialogs - allows the user to enter the username and password for script login and PPP authentication at connection time.

  • Post connection terminal (PCT) - allows the user to view the login script running, view what is sent and received and allows the user to type responses.

  • Reconnection dialog - informs the user of a lost connection and queries if they want to reconnect.

  • QoS Warning dialog – informs the user when the connection drops below the minimum acceptable quality and queries if they want to disconnect or not.

The Agent Dialog Server uses the client-server architecture. The client side of the server consists of the RGenConAgentDialogServer class, which provides access methods to operations provided by the server. The CNetDialDialogServer class co-ordinates access to supported functionality, and creates server session objects, of type CNetDialDialogSession , when new connections to the server are made.

The server is a Comms Provider Module (CPM) and is loaded through the Root Server API. It is loaded on demand, so a .CMI file does not exist for it. All requests for dialogs can be cancelled without waiting for user interaction, due to a timeout or a change in circumstances that required the dialog.