Disabling stylus popup menus in AVKON lists

This document describes how to disable stylus popup menus in AVKON lists.

In some views, stylus popup menus must not be displayed with a long tap. For example, when a view has both a stylus popup menu and a context sensitive menu with the same commands.

If the context sensitive menu is required to remain, the stylus popup menu must be disabled. This way the item-specific commands are available only in the context sensitive menu, which is launched with both single and long tap.

You can disable the stylus popup menu in either of the following ways:
  • Dynamically during construction.

             iListBox->ConstructL(this, EAknListBoxItemSpecificMenuDisabled);
  • In the list box resource

      flags = EAknListBoxItemSpecificMenuDisabled;
      height = 3;
      width = 3;