MPbk2ContactEditorEventObserver Class Reference

class MPbk2ContactEditorEventObserver

Phonebook 2 contact editor event observer interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2ContactEditorEventObserver ( ) [protected, inline]

Member Functions Documentation

ContactEditorOperationCompleted(MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOpResult, TParams)

void ContactEditorOperationCompleted ( MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOpResult aResult,
TParams aParams
) [pure virtual]

Called when a contact editor operation has succesfully completed.


MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOpResult aResult Result of the operation.
TParams aParams Parameters of the contact event.

ContactEditorOperationFailed(MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOp, TInt, TParams, TFailParams &)

void ContactEditorOperationFailed ( MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOp aOpCode,
TInt aErrorCode,
TParams aParams,
TFailParams & aFailParams
) [pure virtual]

Called when a contact editor operation has failed.


MVPbkContactObserver::TContactOp aOpCode The operation that failed.
TInt aErrorCode System error code of the failure. KErrAccessDenied (when EContactCommit) means that the contact has not been locked.
TParams aParams Parameters of the event.
TFailParams & aFailParams Extra params for error handling.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TPbk2ContactEditorFlag

Editor flags.


EPbk2EditorCommandId = 0x00000001
EPbk2EditorKeyCode = 0x00000002