MVPbkFieldTypeSelector Class Reference

class MVPbkFieldTypeSelector

An interface for field type selectors.

A field type selector can be used for selecting certain field types from a set of field types. E.g client could create a selector of all telephone number fields and then loop a field type list for getting those field types that matches the selector.

E.g. CVPbkFieldTypeSelector

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MVPbkFieldTypeSelector ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


TAny * FieldTypeSelectorExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.



IsFieldTypeIncluded(const MVPbkFieldType &)

TBool IsFieldTypeIncluded ( const MVPbkFieldType & aFieldType ) const [pure virtual]

Returns true if the given field type belongs to the set defined by this field type selector.


const MVPbkFieldType & aFieldType The field type to test.