Opening a Connection to a SNAP by specifying SNAP ID

Extended Connection Preferences API can be used by applications to set the SNAP ID prior to establishing a connection.

Specifying SNAP ID enables the applications to start a connection to a specific SNAP.

  1. Connect to socket server .
            RSocketServ ss;
  2. Open a RConnection object.
            RConnection conn;
    conn.Open( ss );
  3. Create a connection preference list and extended connection preferences object.
            TConnPrefList prefList;
    TExtendedConnPref preferences;
  4. Set the SNAP ID using TExtendedConnPref::SetSnapId() .
            preference.SetSnapId( 4 );
  5. Append the extended connection preferences to connection preference list.
            prefList.AppendL( &preferences );
  6. Start a connection with connection preferences.
            conn.Start( prefList );

The application is connected to the specified SNAP ID.