What is the Comms Database?

The Comms Database contains the information necessary to configure components in the comms stack.

The Comms Database has a set of parameters used to configure communications on Symbian platform. The information stored in the Comms Database is used to configure components in the comms stack. Information such as connection preferences, account settings and some of the linkage between components can be set in the comms stack. The configuration data is stored in records in database tables. The data also has data schema to define the tables. For more information and a full list of the settings in the Comms Database, see the Reference

The Comms Database is configured in one of the following ways:

  • It is compiled from a definition file into a binary file to ship in the ROM of a device. For more information about how to compile the default version of the database see Configuring comms database using CED and CEDDUMP .

  • It is modified from the original ROM version via runtime changes made through the Comms Database (CommsDat) API. For more information about the CommsDat API, see the Migrating from CommDb to the CommsDat API .

For more information about the Comms Database, see Comms Database .