CPbkxRemoteContactLookupServiceUiContext Class Reference

class CPbkxRemoteContactLookupServiceUiContext : public CBase

Execution context for Service UI. This class provides functionality to execute the actual UI flow of this service.

S60 3.1

Inherits from

  • CPbkxRemoteContactLookupServiceUiContext

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Member Functions Documentation

ExecuteL(const TDesC &, TResult &)

void ExecuteL ( const TDesC & aQueryText,
TResult & aResult
) [pure virtual]

Execute remote lookup UI flow.


const TDesC & aQueryText loose query text
TResult & aResult remote lookup results are populated here.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TMode

Describes the mode in which the remote lookup is performed.



Normal mode - all the common contact actions are available. Search query editor is displayed.


Contact selector mode - remote lookup is used to select contact for the caller. Search query editor is displayed.