Migrating from C Standard Library (ESTLIB) to P.I.P.S.

If you are using ESTLIB, it is recommended that you migrate to P.I.P.S. available from Symbian^1, as P.I.P.S. is much more POSIX compliant and feature-rich.

P.I.P.S. is supported from Symbian^1 onwards on ROM. ESTLIB applications can be ported to use P.I.P.S., by keeping the base source as it is while making changes to the MMP files and rebuilding the code.

To migrate from C Standard Library (ESTLIB) to P.I.P.S., perform the following steps:

  1. Replace the LIBRARY entry in the .MMP file from estlib.lib to libc.lib libm.lib libpthread.lib .

  2. Replace the LIBRARY entry in the .MMP file from ecrt0.lib to libcrt0.lib .

  3. Replace the SYSTEMINCLUDE path from \epoc32\include\libc to \epoc32\include\stdapis .

    Important : If any non-POSIX worked around code (written to satisfy POSIX-deviated ESTLIB return codes) is present in your existing application, you will also need to modify it to make them POSIX complaint.

Note : For more information about using P.I.P.S. on Symbian platform, see Open Environment Core (P.I.P.S.) .