TDummyMsvSessionObserver Class Reference

class TDummyMsvSessionObserver : public MMsvSessionObserver

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Member Functions Documentation

HandleSessionEventL(TMsvSessionEvent, TAny *, TAny *, TAny *)

void HandleSessionEventL ( TMsvSessionEvent aEvent,
TAny * aArg1,
TAny * aArg2,
TAny * aArg3
) [virtual]

Indicates an event has occurred.

The type of event is indicated by the value of aEvent. The interpretation of the TAny arguments depends on this type.

For most event types, the action that is taken, for example, updating the display, is client-specific. All clients though should respond to EMsvCloseSession and EMsvServerTerminated events.


TMsvSessionEvent aEvent Indicates the event type.
TAny * aArg1 Event type-specific argument value
TAny * aArg2 Event type-specific argument value
TAny * aArg3 Event type-specific argument value