TVPbkSortKey Class Reference

class TVPbkSortKey

Sort key. A pair of text and TVPbkSortKeyType.

Public Member Functions
TVPbkSortKey (const TDesC &, TVPbkSortKeyType )
const TDesC & Text ()
TVPbkSortKeyType Type ()
Private Attributes
TAny * iExtension
TPtrC iText
TVPbkSortKeyType iType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TVPbkSortKey(const TDesC &, TVPbkSortKeyType)

TVPbkSortKey ( const TDesC & aText,
TVPbkSortKeyType aType
) [inline]


const TDesC & aText
TVPbkSortKeyType aType

Member Functions Documentation


const TDesC & Text ( ) const [inline]


TVPbkSortKeyType Type ( ) const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

TAny * iExtension

TAny * iExtension [private]

TPtrC iText

TPtrC iText [private]

TVPbkSortKeyType iType

TVPbkSortKeyType iType [private]