Changing the Priority

This section describes how an application (internal or third-party) can change its priority by using OOM Monitor APIs.

An application which is processing a task in the background can change its priority at runtime to protect itself from being closed by the OOM Monitor. For example:

  • Music Player playing music in the background

  • Download Manager downloading a file in the background

If an application is processing a task for the user in the background, the application is said to be Busy and the OOM Monitor must not close a Busy application. An application can declare itself to be Busy using ROomMonitorSession::SetOomPriority(EOomPriorityBusy) method. When the application finishes its background job and becomes idle, it should change its priority to Normal .

  1. Create an OOM Monitor session
            ROomMonitorSession ioomMonitorSession;
  2. Set the priority for the application to Busy before performing the background task
  3. Set the priority for the application to Normal after the task is completed.
  4. Close the session.