MVPbkContactOperationFactory2 Class Reference

class MVPbkContactOperationFactory2

A factory interface for asynchronous contact operations. This interface is used to create contact operations. This interface allows specific store operations.

Member Functions Documentation

CreateFindOperationL(const MDesC16Array &, const MVPbkFieldTypeList &, MVPbkContactFindFromStoresObserver &, const TCallBack &, const CDesC16ArrayFlat &)

MVPbkContactOperation * CreateFindOperationL ( const MDesC16Array & aSearchStrings,
const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aFieldTypes,
MVPbkContactFindFromStoresObserver & aObserver,
const TCallBack & aWordParserCallBack,
const CDesC16ArrayFlat & aStoreEntriesArray
) [pure virtual]

Creates an operation for asynchronous contact finding. Finds a string containing text that is stored in one or more fields. Client can give multiple find words. All the words must match to separated data. E.g if there are two find words: "Jo" and "Jo" then field data "John Johnson" matches but "John Doe" doesn't if the word parser uses white space as a word separator.

NOTE: The accuracy of the results depends on the ability of the store implementation to implement the find. The performance can vary too depending on the store.


const MDesC16Array & aSearchStrings Words that are compared to field data.
const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aFieldTypes Types of the fields that are used.
MVPbkContactFindFromStoresObserver & aObserver An observer for asynchronous operation.
const TCallBack & aWordParserCallBack a client implementation of word parser function that separates the field data into words. Parameter to function is TVPbkWordParserParam.
const CDesC16ArrayFlat & aStoreEntriesArray an array that lists the store entries.