Pausing and Resuming Audio Record

The Pause() function stops recording audio, without stopping the buffer traffic. If the Resume() function is supported, you can then use it to continue recording. The buffer traffic continues because the Pause() function does not terminate the MMMFAudioDataConsumer::BufferToBeEmptied(MMMFBufferSink *,CMMFBuffer *) RecordData() cycle.

  1. Call the CMMFDevSound::Pause() function to pause the audio record state.

  2. Call the CMMFDevSound::IsResumeSupported() function to check that the Resume() function is supported.

    1. If the resume function is supported, call the CMMFDevSound::Resume() function to pause the audio record state.

    2. Otherwise you must use the shut down stop function. For more information about the shut down stop function, see Stopping Audio Record .
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