MPbk2PointerEventHandler Class Reference

class MPbk2PointerEventHandler

Phonebook 2 pointer event handler interface. Allows classes not derived from CCoeControl to also handle pointer events. Used for distributing pointer events from control container to application view and to application UI.

Public Member Functions
void Pbk2HandleLongTapEventL (const TPoint &, const TPoint &)
void Pbk2ProcessPointerEventL (const TPointerEvent &)
TAny * PointerEventHandlerExtension ( TUid )
Protected Member Functions
~MPbk2PointerEventHandler ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2PointerEventHandler ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Member Functions Documentation

Pbk2HandleLongTapEventL(const TPoint &, const TPoint &)

void Pbk2HandleLongTapEventL ( const TPoint & aPenEventLocation,
const TPoint & aPenEventScreenLocation
) [pure virtual]

Handles long tap pointer events.



const TPoint & aPenEventLocation Long tap event location relative to parent control.
const TPoint & aPenEventScreenLocation Long tap event location relative to screen.

Pbk2ProcessPointerEventL(const TPointerEvent &)

void Pbk2ProcessPointerEventL ( const TPointerEvent & aPointerEvent ) [pure virtual]

Handles pointer events.


const TPointerEvent & aPointerEvent Pointer event.


TAny * PointerEventHandlerExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.