Advanced Pond Guide

This topic describes Comms ponds in more detail.


The following diagram is a partial representation of the class relationships for RCommsBufPond .

Figure 1. Comms pond

An RCommsBufPond instance manages a number of memory pools. Each pool contains buffers of identical size.

The Comms Data Plane uses chains of buffers to transfer data up and down the stack. For more information about buffers and chains, see Comms Buffers (MBuf) and Comms Chains .


  1. c32start.exe reads the pond configuration stored in the c32start.ini file (see Pond Configuration Reference ).

  2. c32start.exe provides the configuration information to the Root Server when initializing it. For more information about the C32 process, see Root Server .

  3. The Root Server creates the pond with the specified pools.

  4. The Root Server puts the pond handle in the TLS of each thread in c32exe.exe (see TLS Look-up Reduction Tutorial ).