Getting an Equivalent Language List

You can use the GetEquivalentLanguageList() function to get the equivalent language list. The GetEquivalentLanguageList() returns an array ( TLanguagePath ) which contains the equivalent languages. If no equivalent language is found, ELangNone is returned.

In this example, an application calls BaflUtils::GetEquivalentLanguageList() to get the equivalent languages for Cyprus Greek. The TLangugage value for Cyprus Greek, ELangCyprusGreek , is passed to the GetEquivalentLanguageList() function as a given language.

       TLanguagePath lp;
BaflUtils::GetEquivalentLanguageList(ELangCyprusGreek, lp);

Result : According to the equivalent language list, three elements are returned: ELangCyprusGreek (Cyprus Greek), ELangGreek (Greek) and ElangNone .