Subtitle Graphic Overview

This document introduces you to the Subtitle Graphic library.


Subtitle Graphic is used to add subtitle CRP for Multimedia Framework (MMF).

Subtitle Graphic library details

The Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that provides the Subtitle Graphic functionality and the library to which your code must include is identified in the table below.

DLL LIB Short Description



These files are necessary to implement Subtitle Graphic functionality.

Architectural relationship

Subtitle Graphic is key library for the Video Subtitle CRP component to interact with MMF.


Subtitle Graphic displays subtitles artwork on the screen through its interaction with Client Process, Controller Process and WServ Process. For information about Client Process, Controller Process and WServ see Architectural relationship session in Video Subtitle CRP Overview .

In Client Process, the Client Application passes a subtitle support request to the Video Client API. In Controller Process, the Video Player Controller gets notified by MMF to handle the corresponding subtitle commands and stream.

The subtitle commands and stream are decoded and rendered in Controller Process and sent to WServ Process. Video Player Controller provides artwork for Video Subtitle CRP to render content to the application window within WServ Process.

Key Subtitle Graphic Class

The Subtitle Graphic functionality is provided by the following key class:

CMMFSubtitleGraphic is a client class representation of WServ Process.

Using Subtitle Graphic

You can initialise and use the functionality to display subtitles artwork on a video window.

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