MPbkThumbnailSetObserver Class Reference

class MPbkThumbnailSetObserver

Observer interface for CPbkThumbnailManager set operations. Only one of the event callbacks is called once by the operation.


Member Functions Documentation

PbkThumbnailSetComplete(MPbkThumbnailOperation &)

void PbkThumbnailSetComplete ( MPbkThumbnailOperation & aOperation ) [pure virtual]

Called when thumbnail setting is completed.


MPbkThumbnailOperation & aOperation The completed operation.

PbkThumbnailSetFailed(MPbkThumbnailOperation &, TInt)

void PbkThumbnailSetFailed ( MPbkThumbnailOperation & aOperation,
TInt aError
) [pure virtual]

Called if the thumbnail setting fails.


MPbkThumbnailOperation & aOperation The failed operation.
TInt aError Error code of the failure.