DumpSWIRegistryTool interprets the software install registry entry ( .reg file) and displays its content.


dumpswiregistrytool [OPTIONS] <ARGS>

The following table lists all the options supported by DumpSWIRegistryTool .

Options Description Usage


Displays version of the tool.

dumpswiregistrytool -v


Displays help message

dumpswiregistrytool -h


Displays all the registry entries for a package file along with package information such as package name, package uid, vendor name and so on.

dumpswiregistrytool [RegistryPath] [-p PackageUid]


Displays controller information about a package for a specified registry entry.

The registry entry is recognized based on package uid, package name and vendor name.

dumpswiregistrytool [RegistryPath] [-r PackageUid PackageName VendorName]

The following table lists the arguments to be specified with DumpSWIRegistryTool .

Arguments Description


Specifies the software installation registry path. This overwrites the default PATH provided in environment variable.

Note: The default path specified by DUMPSWIREGISTRY environment variable is \epoc32\<platform>\c\sys\install\sisregistry\ .


Specifies the UID of the package.


Specifies the name of the package.

Can be obtained using the -p option.


Specifies the name of the vendor.

Can be obtained using the -p option.


The following examples illustrates the usage of DumpSWIRegistryTool :

  • To retrieve package level information

    dumpswiregistrytool -p 101f7989

    This command displays information about all the registry entries of the specified package. In addition to this, it also displays package information such as packageuid, package name, vendor name, number of executables and so on, as shown in the following sample output:

             Package Information:
    Registry File :C:\sisregistry\101f7989\00000000.reg
    Package UID :0x101f7989
    Package Name :c32exe
    Vendor :symbianfoundation
    Package Index :0
    Drives :2000000
    No of executables :0
    Package Version :1.2.3
    Languages :English
    Selected Drive :No Drive Selected
    File Major Version :5
    File Minor Version :3
    Package Vendor Localized Name :symbianfoundation
    Package Install Type :Installation
    Is Package in ROM :Yes
    Package Preinstalled :No
    Is Package Signed :No
    Package Trust :SisPackageBuiltIntoRom
  • To retrieve controller information for a package when a registry entry ( .reg file) is specified.

    dumpswiregistrytool -r 101f7989 c32exe symbianfoundation

    This command displays the controller information at the command prompt as shown in the following sample output:

             Registry Controller Information:
    Registry Entry :\sisregistry\101f7989\00000000.reg
    Package UID :0x101f7989
    Package Name :c32exe
    Vendor :symbianfoundation
    Package Index :0
    Controller1 Version :1.2.3
    Controller1 Algorithm :SHA1
    Number of Dependencies : 0
    Number of Embedded Packages : 0
    SISProperty Count:0
    Number Of File Descriptions :1
    SIS File Description:
    File Operation Type :Install
    File Operation Options Type :VerifyOnRestore
    Algorithm :SHA1
    SID :0x0
    Validation Status : PackageInRom
    Revocation Status : OcspNotPerformed