ActivePalette2Factory Class Reference

class ActivePalette2Factory

Factory class for Active Palette 2. Use these static functions to create AP2 objects. Class should not be instantiated.

Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateActivePaletteUIL ( TActivePalette2DrawMode )
IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateGuiActivePaletteUIL (MGui *)
IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateHUIActivePaletteUIL (CHuiEnv &)
Protected Member Functions
ActivePalette2Factory ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


ActivePalette2Factory ( ) [protected, inline]

Constructor - not for external use

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateActivePaletteUIL ( TActivePalette2DrawMode aDrawMode ) [static]

Creates a legacy-style, CCoeControl-based Active Palette. The control created is NOT a window-owning control. Set the container window and Mop parent using the CoeControl() function. Define this if GuiLib rendering is required


TActivePalette2DrawMode aDrawMode The drawing style used to render the AP

CreateGuiActivePaletteUIL(MGui *)

IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateGuiActivePaletteUIL ( MGui * aGui ) [static]

Creates a new-style, GuiLib-based Active Palette.


MGui * aGui The client app's Gui environment

CreateHUIActivePaletteUIL(CHuiEnv &)

IMPORT_C MActivePalette2UI * CreateHUIActivePaletteUIL ( CHuiEnv & aHuiEnv ) [static]

Creates a new-style, CHuiControl-based Active Palette. The control should be added to a control group using the CoeControl() function.


CHuiEnv & aHuiEnv The client app's Hui environment