MMsgStoreObserver Class Reference

class MMsgStoreObserver

This class defines the message store observation API.

This class defines the abstract interface for the message store observer.

Public Member Functions
void AccountEventNotify ( TMsgStoreAccountEvent , TInt32 , const TDesC &, const TDesC &, TMsgStoreId )
void SystemEventNotify ( TMsgStoreSystemEvent )

Member Functions Documentation

AccountEventNotify(TMsgStoreAccountEvent, TInt32, const TDesC &, const TDesC &, TMsgStoreId)

void AccountEventNotify ( TMsgStoreAccountEvent aEvent,
TInt32 aOwnerId,
const TDesC & aName,
const TDesC & aNewName,
TMsgStoreId aMailboxId
) [pure virtual]

Notifies the observer of account events.

Note that the observer will not be notified of modifications that are performed from the observer's own message store session.

/param aEvent - the type of event /param aOwnerId - the owner ID of the account /param aName - the name of the account /param aNewName - the new account name if aEvent is EMsgStoreAccountRenamed
  • KNullDesC otherwise /param aMailboxId - the ID of the mailbox


TMsgStoreAccountEvent aEvent
TInt32 aOwnerId
const TDesC & aName
const TDesC & aNewName
TMsgStoreId aMailboxId


void SystemEventNotify ( TMsgStoreSystemEvent aEvent ) [pure virtual]

Notifies the observer of system events.


TMsgStoreSystemEvent aEvent