MTsFastSwapPreviewObserver Class Reference

class MTsFastSwapPreviewObserver

Observer for preview screenshot changes. Client must implement this and register itself when calling CTsFastSwapPreviewProvider::NewL . Callback methods are called whenever there is a new preview screenshot taken from the applications or when an application is exited.


Member Functions Documentation

HandleFswPpApplicationBitmapRotation(TInt, TBool)

void HandleFswPpApplicationBitmapRotation ( TInt aWgId,
TBool aClockwise
) [pure virtual]

Called when screenshot for the application needs rotation. Client should rotate bitmap for the given aWgId by 90 degrees, otherwise it will be displayed incorrectly.


TInt aWgId Window group id of the application
TBool aClockwise marks direction of the rotation (ETrue - clockwise, EFalse - counter clockwise)

HandleFswPpApplicationChange(TInt, TInt)

void HandleFswPpApplicationChange ( TInt aWgId,
TInt aFbsHandle
) [pure virtual]

Called when application has changed and screenshot has been taken. New sceenshots will be taken and provided to the client via this callback every time the application goes to background.


TInt aWgId Window group id of the application.
TInt aFbsHandle Handle to screenshot CFbsBitmap.


void HandleFswPpApplicationUnregistered ( TInt aWgId ) [pure virtual]

Called when application has been exited. Client can free the resources related to aWgId (for example a copied bitmap) since the application is no more running.


TInt aWgId Window group id of the application.