Handling General Events

When a Window Server event is received, the active scheduler calls the RunL() function to handle the event. Use RWsSession::GetEvent() to get the event, a TWsEvent . An event object always has an event type, a TEventCode , accessed through TWsEvent::Type() , and other data that is useful in handling specific types of event.

Variant : ScreenPlay and non-ScreenPlay . Target audience : Application developers.

The following example uses a switch statement to execute some function when the associated event type is received.

      /*  Called by active scheduler when an event occurs
Processes events according to their type */
void CExampleWsClient::RunL()
    // Get the event from the Window Server session iWs
    // Get the event type: types are defined in TEventCode
    TInt eventType=iWsEvent.Type();/ Process event
    switch (eventType)
    /* Window-group related event types */