CParserPropertyValueTimeZone Class Reference

class CParserPropertyValueTimeZone : public CParserPropertyValue

A time zone property value parser.

Stores and externalises a property value which represents the time zone information for a vCard or vCalendar.

The time zone is specified as the universal time offset. This is a time interval which is a positive or negative number of seconds from universal time. Time zones east of universal time have positive numbers. Time zones west of universal time have negative numbers.

The UID for a time zone property value is KVersitPropertyTimeZoneUid.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C CParserPropertyValueTimeZone ( TTimeIntervalSeconds aValue )

Constructs a new time zone property value parser with a time interval in seconds, which represents the universal time offset of the time zone.

Sets the property value's UID to KVersitPropertyTimeZoneUid.


TTimeIntervalSeconds aValue A time interval (in seconds) which represents the offset of the time zone from universal time. The property value takes ownership of the pointer.

Member Functions Documentation

EncodeTimeZone(TDes8 &, TTimeIntervalSeconds)

void EncodeTimeZone ( TDes8 & aBuf,
TTimeIntervalSeconds iValue
) [static]


TDes8 & aBuf
TTimeIntervalSeconds iValue

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt)

IMPORT_C void ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & aStream,
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset,
) [virtual]

Externalises the time zone property value into aStream.


RWriteStream & aStream Stream into which the value is to be externalised.
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset Specifies the character set and encoding information. (Not used by this function).


TTimeIntervalSeconds Value ( ) const [inline]

Gets the time zone property value.

Member Data Documentation

TTimeIntervalSeconds iValue

TTimeIntervalSeconds iValue [protected]