Configuring Log Engine

This tutorial describes how to configure Log Engine using TLogConfig class.

There are three parameters which you can configure at run time using a Log Engine client. They are implemented as the three members of a TLogConfig class:

  • iMaxLogSize , the maximum size of an event log,

  • iMaxRecentLogSize , the maximum size of a recent list, and

  • iMaxEventAge , the maximum age of a logged event.

To configure the Log Engine, do the following:

  1. create a TLogConfig object

  2. set the required values to the members iMaxLogSize , iMaxRecentLogSize and iMaxEventAge

  3. pass it to the ChangeConfig() function of a log client.

The Log Engine will be configured with new values.

The TLogConfig class also has the two functions InternalizeL() and ExternalizeL() which implement streaming input and output of a TLogConfig object.